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In November 2015,

ex-bandmates Brian Kettering, Joel Simmons, and Ethan Brandenberger reunited

to write and record an album with no band name, no producer, no booked shows,

 but just the desire to write and play good music.


After adopting the moniker Atlas Mason and releasing our debut album

“Treasure Island", we began playing small shows at coffee shops and

local events. After the addition of David Auffant in August 2016,

we started to gain steam by playing shows at more

reputable Austin venues. 


Eyes forward,

we hope to make a positive impact on the lives of our listeners.

As a weird mixture of alternative rock, pop punk, and blues,

we try to make sense of all of those genres in one band.

Not knowing how to fit in, we tend to find ourselves

in diverse venues with unique audiences.




After the release of our album “Treasure Island”, we have been

playing shows at local venues in the Austin area as well as

expanding to cities like Bryan and Dallas, San Antonio, Abilene, and San Marcos.

We hope to share these tunes with our scene and start building a loyal fanbase

this upcoming summer and fall.

As well as playing our music off of “Treasure Island”, we plan on writing new tunes these

next couples of months for a sophomore album in the fall of 2017.




Music by: Atlas Mason

Lyrics by: Brian Kettering*

Atlas Mason are:

Brian Kettering:

Vocals/Lead guitar

David Auffant:

Bass/Backing Vocals

Joel Simmons:


Ethan Brandenburger:

Drums/Backing Vocals

- *That Afternoon lyrics by Ethan Brandenberger

- Produced/Engineered by: Brian -Kettering and Joel Simmons

- Mastered by: Brian Kettering


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