Treasure Island

Treasure Island


This adventure began in March of 2016 during Spring break. We all took off ten days from school, work, and whatever else to move in to this really old ranch-property house in the middle of nowhere: a small town ironically called Mason, TX. Living there for nearly two weeks with hardly any interaction with the outside world was really good for us as a band, because we ate, breathed, and slept Atlas Mason for the entire time we were there. Without the worry of sleeping neighbors (the nearest one was nearly three miles away), roommates, or family, we were able to jam and write late into the night, while recording during the day. 
After we had finally demo'd everything, we packed up our stuff and headed home. The remainder of the album was tracked in my (Brian's) garage, with vocals being tracked in Joel's bedroom. After about a three month break in the Summer, we resumed business in late August and finished the album officially on 9/24/2016. 
Lyrically, every song has a meaning and a story that we hope speaks to somebody on a personal level, and opens up for conversations about the core of our existence, which is Jesus Christ. We're not out to be the religion police, and we're not out to judge. We're here to love, and we hope you'll let us love you with our tasty tunes.


released September 23, 2016

All songs written by: 

-Brian Michael Kettering
-Joel Simmons
-Ethan Brandenberger
-David Ellington Auffant

All songs produced/engineered/mastered by: 
-Brian Michael Kettering
-Joel Simmons

Album artwork: 
-Ruthie Campbell

Special thanks to: 

1. Jerrod Wittman - Guitar gear mogul

2. Jared Shotwell - Production mentor

3. Jacob Smiley, Leland Payne, Daniel Riding, Christian Matney - Lyrical writing assistance

4. The Kettering, Simmons, and Brandenberger families for allowing us to use their living spaces as our recording studio(s) 

5. Everyone who has supported us since Joel, Ethan, and Brian were just kids in ninth grade playing Blink-182 covers


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